About us

Living our dreams, far from the urban city pollutions, surrounded by beautiful mountain massifs, we decided to make family life a part of our natural benefits – forest mushrooms and other forest fruits. We have been caring for this family tradition thoroughly for 40 years and performing complete processing and exporting. Our specialty is dry and frozen mushroom, brine and of course in fresh condition. Of the other types of mushrooms, we buy and process also a Cantharelus Cibarius, Morchella Conica and  Lactarius Deliciosus.

For our customers we provide:
standardized quality,
availability of products throughout the year,
certified team for quality control of products,
7 degree quality control of products,
guarantee for the safety of the product’s vigor (especially mushrooms),
the shelf life of each product,
origin of products and monitoring from forest to final consumer.
The accuracy and expediency of deliveries, as well as the correctness towards customers is our everyday obligation.