Amanita Caesarea

Amanita Caesarea Characteristic of the orange color, beauty and taste, it is rightly called QUEEN OF MUSHROOMS. It is known from Roman times, where she was a banquet for kings. It can be found from June to October, in open and warm places, bright forests and meadows.
Mushrooms are recommended to maintain body weight because (depending on the variety, these numbers vary slightly) 100 grams of mushrooms on average contain 18-26 calories. They contain two to three times less calories than vegetables and fruits that we use daily in the diet.
Mushrooms differ from other foods in that they contain a small amount of salt and sugar, but more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that protect against diseases. Also, they do not contain cholesterol and fat, and are therefore low-calorie.
The mushrooms due to their healing composition act favorably in the following diseases and disorders: Alzheimer’s disease, allergies, anemia, asthma, depression, diabetes, for better concentration and memory, impotence, strengthening the nervous system.
Processing is carried out under strictly controlled conditions, seven-degree quality control and manual selection are applied.