We have a wide range of products, which includes forest mushrooms and forest fruits. Our goal is to provide real pleasure and enjoyment of healthy foods through our products. Chape Fungi deals exclusively with the processing and selling of products directly from mountainous landscapes with high energy values.

Mushrooms – Boletus Edulis (boletus edulis dry or frozen), Cantharellus Cibarius, Morchella conica, Verpa Bohemica, Amanita Caesarea, Marasmius Oreades,

Fruit – Wild berry (dry and frozen), Chokeberry (dry and frozen), Strawberry, Wildberry Apricot, Sour cherry, Blackberry.

Other products – Nettle seed, Hazelnut, Nut, Integral flour, Arovita (aronia in honey).

Through the TASTE OF HEALTH, be closer to a piece of nature.