Morchella Conica

The Morchella Conica season is in May. It grows in coniferous mountain forests and on purges around them. Morchella Conica is an extremely tasty and highly regarded mushroom. This is one of the most sought after mushrooms on the market. It has many nutrients and low caloric value and is the perfect nutritional supplement to fight overweight.

It is also used in meat dishes, and in vegetarian meals, it is filled, put in a soup and is prepared in many ways. It is usually very rare and appears only a few weeks in the spring.

It grows only in a short period, it is rich in proteins, fats, fiber and carbohydrates, and has also remedial effects. It is sold as fresh, dry or as a frozen product. It appears in old forests and in areas where there were fires.

Processing is carried out under strictly controlled conditions, seven-degree quality control and manual selection are applied.